Services ensures a sophisticated operational environment for small, medium, and large-scale as well as multi-national investors. 

The concept of the Industrial Park was formed in a flexible manner, on the basis of considerations to satisfy investors with different space and public utility supply requirements. 

The whole area of the Industrial Park is supplied with public utilities. The high level of supply security ensures well-developed infrastructure for the companies operating in the industrial park, and they also offer excellent development facilities for companies planning to settle in the future. The Industrial Park has a remarkable location due to the recently opened M0 motorway. Exits of the motorway from both directions are located directly in the vicinity of the Industrial Park and the town of Pécel, therefore our clients can have their sites in a location which is a logistic junction point, thus they are easily accessible both to freight and to passenger traffic. Through the opening of the ring way, the park has gained significant logistic role. The Industrial Park is also easily accessible from Budapest through a local bus line.

The free services of the Industrial Park have been tailored to your company’s needs.

Basic Services

The following services are used by all our clients as they include the essential operating conditions of the Industrial Park.

  • Private roads and pavements used for access
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Public utility areas necessary for industrial operation activities
  • Rainwater discharge system
  • Sewage system
  • Industrial current


Technical Parameters of the Industrial Park

Road System:

The Industrial Park is accessible directly after the exit of M0 towards Pécel, at the end of the town of Pécel from the direction of Budapest, as well as from Pesti road of Pécel, through its 4-meter-wide, asphalted road, with sideways of 1 meter in width on both sides. The complete area of the Industrial Park has a network of asphalted roads, which were designed to take both passenger and freight vehicles.

Public Utilities:

  • Water Supply: Drinking water is supplied through a steel DN-80 connecting pipe, connected to the system supplying the town with water. The free capacity of the system available in the Industrial Park is up to 144m3/month. The pressure of the pipeline water is 3-4 bars.
  • Sewage System: The sewage network (public and industrial wastewater) is connected to the water treatment facility of the town. The material of the sewage downpipe and the branch pipe within the buildings is PVC pipes of P1 quality. Rainwater falling on the area is discharged in a closed manner, through the constructed discharge system flowing to the town’s sewage system. Furthermore, rainwater is also discharged through open ditches leading to areas in the Industrial Park designated for this purpose, where such water can dry up.
  • Natural gas supply: The area is supplied with natural gas from the gas pipeline running through the town. Average capacity: 7,000 m3/month, with appropriate pressure, modern pipeline.
  • Electricity Supply: A 20kV underground cable connects the electricity supplier’s aerial conductor to the park’s main distribution centre, in line with the power supply requirements. An NA 20/630 main distribution centre was established to ensure the supply of app. 550KVA electricity. The system can be extended further. There is public and outdoor lighting available in the whole area of the Industrial Park.
  • Telecommunication: 
    Invitel Távközlési Zrt.

    ActivCom Kft.

Extra Services

The Industrial Park provides extra services in order that clients could carry out their operational activities in a pleasant - landscaped – environment and in a secure manner.

  • Entering of cars and freight vehicles: Freight traffic to the Industrial Park is accessible by an entry system through a gate with a barrier. Entrance to the Industrial Park is available round the clock, with operation at weekends..
  • Reception desk services in the buildings and an electronic entry system monitors the traffic of employees and visitors
  • An external video camera system provides assistance for daytime and night-time monitoring, thus contributing to security services
  • Trucks available for rent: the 3-ton truck of the Industrial Park can be rented in pre-arranged time slots.