A Proposal to Company Managers

In case you are currently seeking a location for the industrial activities of your company, please allow us to present to you the Iparipark.com.

The concept of the Industrial park was formed in 1995, when the owner bought the industrial site of the Metallurgical Co-operative, as the site was located on the industrial area of the town of Pécel, and it appeared to be an excellent business investment in the light of the vicinity of Budapest and the potentials in case of the construction of a ring road around the capital.

After a brief period of consideration, construction began. The reconstruction and refurbishment works of the old building of the Metallurgical Co-operative inspired the investor, H.J Investment Kft., the owner, to undertake extensions.

The construction works of the Industrial Park commenced shortly afterwards.

More and more buildings were built, and soon companies with electronic assembly and light engineering business activities from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Hungary settled on the areas for leasing or for sale.

The construction works finished in the Industrial Park a few years ago, and the unoccupied areas of the recently completed halls and buildings are still available for rent.

At present there are areas available for rent in two of our buildings. We offer areas of 50m2 to 2,300 m2 ground space in Building No. 5 especially for industrial site purposes.

Furthermore, in the Central Building of the Industrial Park, we wish to offer office (and industrial) areas for rent.

Naturally, we wish to have your company amongst our clients, therefore please allow us to present certain aspects that may assist you in making your decision:

  • The Industrial park can be found at the Pécel exit of the M0 ring road, and although it is talked about quite frequently, it indeed represents a considerable and real advantage for our clients. Practically, M3 and M5 motorways can be reached in 10 minutes M6 - M7 motorways in 30 minutes, and the national airport is a 10-15-minute ride, which is a true competition advantage in comparison to other rural industrial parks. In case of renting office space, the centre of Budapest can be reached in 20-30 minutes, and considering the rental fees, this can be a significant cost-cutting factor for your company.
  • The Industrial Park is eagerly expecting to get such foreign and domestic companies as clients, which have mainly industrial, manufacturing or assembly business activities with products of large added value.
  • The vicinity of the town of Pécel and of Budapest ensures the availability of semi-skilled and skilled manpower for all companies settling in the park.
  • Companies continuously move in the industrial park since 1995, therefore we have long-term routine and experience in issues which other parks may find challenging.
  • Innovation facilitating Investments, establishment and refurbishment of rooms, cost-effective construction.
  • Assistance in participating in European Union applications supporting Manufacturing or investments, facilitating eligibility for application requirements